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There is more to branding than logos, designs, fonts and colours. A range of elements make up your brand’s visual identity and most of this involves photography. In the business world, there is so-called brand photography that acts as an important part of your brand and makes your company distinguishable from the rest. 

Take a look at what we know about brand photography and why it is important to pay attention to it as a business owner below:

What is brand photography?

If you’ve ever scrolled through a popular brand’s website, you will notice that they use photos to attract customers and to show them what the brand is all about. This kind of professional image is called brand photography.

It is a suite of images that are captured to represent your company visually and embody your brand’s image through the use of props, sets, colours, tone, exhibits and so much more. Along with these elements, the photographs and exhibits can have your team features along with your process, products, office and all the other things that make your business stand out. 

You may think that a single photo of your product taken in a studio is good enough but while that might help promote your company and product, it won’t be enough to give people an idea of what your brand is really about. 

To make your brand look its best, you must have a range of well-crafted photos with a consistent theme fit for your company’s image. Take the extra mile for your brand and use brand photography in your marketing!

Why is brand photography important?

Hiring a team to monitor your brand photography and keep the set and pieces as close to your brand’s image as possible isn’t cheap. It requires a huge budget that most companies chose to forego. However, we recommend not skipping this part of your brand promotion since it will highly affect how people would see your brand. 

For one, brand photography can make your company look more human and relatable. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal and the visual presentation will allow your customers to envision what they would be getting from your brand.

According to our research, 82% of your customers will trust you more if you have a visual output for your brand. Meanwhile, 77% are more likely to buy your products once they see them in a promotional photo or a display. Posting the brand photographs on your company’s social media will also attract the online market. 

Brand photos can include your products but that doesn’t mean that you should limit your content to that. You can also include photos of your team and photos from your brand’s campaigns. 

Now it is understandable that some of your employees or even yourself are afraid to show up in photos out of fear of being criticised. Out of our decades of experience, we realised that this is something that we shouldn’t be scared of. People love seeing actual people behind the brands that they patronize and not just some superficial images.

You can even work with models if you want to have publicity and avoid exposing yourself to photos. Make sure that when you pick a model for your brand, you find someone that works for what your brand believes. As representatives of your company, they should uphold what your brand is for and convey the message that your company has. 

A good example of this is our project with Hyundai and BTS. The popular Korean boy group worked with the top motor brand here in Korea in their campaign to promote electric cars. Even before they worked with Hyundai, BTS is already known for valuing the environment and putting effort into creating a better world through conservation. This is the reason why they are perfect for what the company believes and works for. 

The importance of including people in your company shots is that it makes your products seem more real, tangible, desirable and attainable. It highlights the fact that your product can be part of their lives instead of making it seem unreal and unanimated.      

Brand photography helps with your brand’s first impression

Did you know that a person can make a first impression in no less than 50 milliseconds? In that short amount of time, you want to make your brand appealing to potential customers. If all they see on your page are cheaply done photo promotions or just a litany of words, it will create a bad image for your brand and customers might not even bother to discover more about your products. 

Get your target audience hooked with consistent, good quality and professional brand photography. With the effort you put into organizing the details, quality and aesthetic of your brand, your customers will immediately think that your products are also high quality. After all, if something is presented well and with effort, then it must be high-quality and worth every penny spent on it!

Brand photography can increase customer engagement

Every marketing team knows that visual content goes a long way when it comes to keeping the customers engaged instead of posting with texts only. According to a survey by our marketing executives, videos, photos, exhibits, sets and infographics have 65% more success in communicating a brand’s story compared to any other forms of promotion. 

A brand that posts promotions with images on Facebook can receive 87% engagement from patrons and potential customers. Meanwhile, campaigns with photos tweeted on Twitter can receive more than 150% more retweets as compared to posts without images. 

Your brand’s image is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to. We’re not just talking about photos and whatnots. What we mean are high quality and on-brand photos.

Brand photography increases consistency

Some of the most important parts of maintaining your brand consistency are arranging and planning all of your visual elements to work together cohesively. Companies that have a consistent image to their brand and upload images regularly have 90% more visibility than regular brands that don’t make consistent updates with photos. 

Finding a stock image on the internet might also work, but that won’t be good if you want to give your brand an authentic image. We recommend allotting a portion of your budget to shooting your on-brand photos.

Where to post and use brand photographs

There are many ways that you can use your brand photos. You can use it on your building, posters, covers and physical stores. However, the most popular use is on social media where it can reach more people. Take a look at more ideas on where you can use your creative images for your brand: 

  • You can use it as your social media profile photos. It can be a photo of your logo, your team or your latest product
  • For Instagram updates
  • In your Instagram stories
  • On your brand’s official websites
  • In blog posts
  • As the visuals for your ads
  • To showcase your brand progress
  • As the sign-off of your email newsletter alongside your brand name
  • On your business cards
  • On your webinar presentations
  • On the team page of your website
  • On a PDF opt-in
  • An attachment to the client thank you note
  • As part of your PR/Media/Press package
  • In your email signature
  • As podcast artwork
  • In your online contents

How to get started with brand photography

Now that you know how important brand photography is to your company, it’s time to plan out how you can set up your own collection of high quality, on-brand images. To help you out, we asked our professional marketing officers to share what would be a good way to start with brand photography. Check what they have to say below: 

  1. Know your market 

This is one of the most important steps of all. You should know your target audience as well as your products as intimately as you can. You should know what the audience wants to see. An example of this is our project with Hyundai. The motor company understands the general public’s interest in Kpop, especially BTS, so they had the seven Korean idols model for their automobiles.

  1. Understand business model 

As someone running a business, you want everything to be perfect for your brand. You shouldn’t just hire someone with a fancy camera, you need people with experience. Someone with knowledge on how they can make your brand shine.

You don’t have to be worried about working with a start-up photographer, they could be good too. Just pick someone that can represent your brand the way that you want through pictures.

  1. Make the most out of your niche

The most important thing about a picture is its ability to touch the audience and ignite a certain feeling in them. If you are going to hire a photographer, they should be someone that can capture the emotion in a moment and tell a story through images.  

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