This is Us

Digital Campaign, COVID-19 . 2020

When faced with a crisis, our most raw characteristics shine through. The COVID-19 outbreak underscored true loss, loneliness, and weakness in ways the world has not collectively experienced in generations. Ironically, the more the fear spread, the smaller the world felt.

It’s moments like these that we need a message of hope most. Somehow, we find a way to come together.

In the midst of this struggle, Hyundai recognized that trying times like these require us to look in the mirror in order to look ahead. These moments require us to admit loss and fear, but also allow us to find the ingenuity and determination that will ultimately overcome. 

Since April 9 2020, less than one month since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the WHO, Hyundai has been taking supporting action for around the world. As Hyundai continued to carry out these relief efforts, it became clear that in addition to direct aide, a simple message of hope was needed as well. 

​As lockdowns lead to unprecedented shifts in attention to digital media platforms, the This Is Us campaign was there to affirm what so many needed to hear. It admitted our collective vulnerability, but in doing so, asserted an unyielding faith in what Hyundai has always been focused on: Progress for Humanity. Beyond hero films that set the tone, a content series across social channels added value with short videos like how to show appreciation to frontline workers or how to stay active at home. No matter where you clicked or scrolled, Hyundai was there to support. 

This Is Us honors the unimaginable courage of our bravest members of society, and also the unimaginable kindness and that’s found in their extended community. 

When we can see that This Is Us, we can see how we’ll endure, together.

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