Creative Works: Be genuine, be brave!

Hello! Welcome to Creative Works. We are the creative strategy and design division of Hyundai Motor Company. Our team is based in Seoul, South Korea. Creative Work’s multi-disciplinary team works on creating highly imaginative projects that help our brand stand out among other companies. 

Our belief

Our team has always had one motto in mind that motivates us to do our work with all our efforts poured into every project and this motto is ‘Be genuine, be brave’. If you are wondering why we picked this motto for our division, it is because we wholeheartedly believe that being genuine takes valiant effort.

In this generation, it is hard to be different. You will either be mocked for trying to go against what society thinks or you will be trampled on for going against the flow. 

The world will either hate or love those who are different. Strive to be the one that brings change no matter what. Never stop being genuine! That is what our brand is all about: the bravery to be different and the valiant effort to stay genuine when everyone won’t dare try to go against the flow. 

Meet our team!

For every project and campaign to be successful, we need creative individuals to work with us in making the unimaginable possible. Come and meet the team who is behind Hyundai’s imaginative and creative world: 

Division manager

Sungwon Jee  

Brand Experience Strategy Team

Changhoon Han

Thomas Child

Minsun Park

Nari Choe

Hye-mi Park

Seungkyu Lee

Kyuhyun Son

Seong won Yoo

Yeasol Lee

Wooyung Son

Youkyung Choi

Minki Choi

Kisu Yoon

Brand Communication Team 1

Jumi Kim

Mooshin Rhee

Joyoung Chung

Jourdain Philippe

Hyeyoun Kwon

Hyunwoo Kang

Saemi Shin

Yoonhye Kim

Dongchul Sin

Yoojin Jang

Minseo Cho

Hyunsuk Lee

Songmin Baik

Jiyeon Che

Soyoung Jang

Brand Communication Team 2

Heekyung Kwon

Doyoung Park

Dongwan Kim

Mike Jin

Taeyoon Lee

Brian  Yoon

Seungho Lee

Eunji Kim

Nahae Paik

Jong whoun Park

Sung whan Kim

Huijune Kang

Boyoung Joo

Brand Design Team

Young Jang

Seo-jin Kim

Jiwon Yun

Jaehee Jung

Huikyeong Jeon

Seongyoon Cho

Sukgyu Choi

Dongchul Cho

Bumhee Lee

Deukgyu Lee

Haemin Lim

Kyra Cha

Natalie Smith

Jisoo Hwang

A young Kim

Jinsol Kim

Eunyoung Won

Seohee Park

Donghyun Kim

Ara Kim

Creative Works: Fresh thinking, real impact

Creative Works is a division that is full of visionary people working on a common goal to make our brand (Hyundai Motor Company) stand out and take the spotlight as an innovative motor company. 

We are more than just a team of photographers, graphic designers, set designers, content creators—we are artists who come up with fresh ideas that will pave the way for future campaigns and promotions. Our fresh thinking is the reason why we can create a big impact in the industry and on the people.

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